Directors: Jeff Hall, Sean Bingham
Cast: Rett Terrell, Alissa Rose Ford, Liam Rose
Production Company: Death Spiral Productions
Runtime: 90 minutes

What’s got into you? People ask that particular question all the time. Thankfully, its not a phrase meant to be taken literally. Except maybe in the movies. Rett Terrell isn’t feeling himself in the supernatural horror film It Lives Inside (2018).

In the movie, a young man who suffers from somnambulism discovers an ancient text that predicts he will be possessed by a demon. He soon becomes a different person, placing his family under pressure and eventually into dangerous situations.

The film is set in a rural neighbourhood, so the initial events are firmly grounded in the real world. The supernatural moments creep in slowly, darkening the mood as they become more prevalent. It’s often scarier when you can believe what your seeing could actually happen!


Troubling concerns about alcoholism, drug abuse, and depression add to the realism, and further aid in disguising the supernatural elements from the other characters. Isolation is also a driving factor, as it often is in horror films. The Shining (1980) comes to mind…

Rett Terrell from The Jurassic Games (2018) gives an intense performance as he is slowly driven mad over the course of the movie. Alissa Rose Ford from Army of Frankensteins (2013) does her best to remain rational as his beleaguered wife.

Laurie Cummings from The Harvesters (2016) and Home with a View of the Monster (2018) also appears in the movie as a concerned mother. The film’s directors both make cameo appearances in the movie. Hall is as a blacksmith’s apprentice and Bingham is a grumpy man in a store.


Some cool digital effects open the film, and more appear before its conclusion. The effects mostly revolve around a kind of living smoke that engulfs some of the characters. The film’s soundtrack by Robert Martin is also worthy of note.

It Lives Inside will leave you guessing until the final moments of the movie. Are we dealing with a case of demonic possession, criminal insanity, or substance abuse? The lines are blurred and in the end, there may not be any difference at all…

– John Migliore

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