Director: Bazz Hancher
Cast: Richard Rowbotham, Kevin Varty, Steve Coussens
Production Company: White Raven Independent Films
Runtime: 91 minutes

People toss around words like “shocking” and “disturbing” quite often when referring to horror movies, but these words should be reserved for something really distressing. Films From a Broken Mind (2016) by director Bazz Hancher lives up to what’s usually just hype.

Films From a Broken Mind is an anthology movie consisting of four separate stories. The Devil himself introduces each chapter, and it looks like he’s doing so directly from Hell…

Leon’s Broken Mind is the most shocking and exploitive part of the film. This segment intentionally has the same bleak outlook as Combat Shock (1984), making it rather grim and exceptionally gross. It’s shot in low definition, so it has that straight-to-video look of the 80s.


After killing his own pet hamster, Leon goes to a store and picks up a DVD filled with violent and disturbing images. The nasty video works with strange visions of Leon’s abusive father to turn him into a psychotic monster. It’s all pretty disturbing, and it’s designed to be that way.

Bonjour Monsieur Trepas is the story of a seemingly mild-mannered man who’s hiding a sinister secret. Before it’s all over, he reveals his true self. This segment includes some impressive effects by Max Van De Banks from The Dead (2010) and Offensive (2016).

Darkest Secrets reveals the tale of two brothers who have parted ways with a local crime boss. Their former employer seeks revenge and has a terrible secret in his arsenal. This one is more of a crime thriller, but still has plenty of fierce moments.


The final segment Rogue Filmmaker, is a documentary about the director himself. Bazz Hancher is portrayed as a sick, twisted, and manipulative individual. This is particularly amusing considering he directed the short himself under the name Hank B. Marvelous.

The movie is definitely not for those that are easily offended. There’s a lot of animal abuse (all special effects), bloody gore, cannibalism, rape and torture. There’s also full-frontal male nudity, which may also be shocking for some. It’s not supposed to be a pleasant experience!

Films From a Broken Mind should please veteran horror fans looking for something that takes them a little further down that dark path…

– John Migliore

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