Director: Durden Godfrey
Cast: Tom Siedle, Traci Newman, Camson Alevy
Production Company: Toilet On The Roof Productions
Runtime: 103 minutes

Have you ever had one of those days that stretched into one of those weeks? Robert Partridge had one like that once, and it was brutal. Director Durden Godfrey ventures into the heart of darkness in his new film I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday (2018).

In the movie, Robert Partridge (Tom Siedle) leads a normal life, but he’s not normal. In fact, something is very wrong with Robert. On Monday, he tells a barista that he’s going to kill someone on Friday, and things just get worse from there…

Tom Siedle gives an intense performance in the role of Robert Partridge. He’s cold and detatched, and easily moved to frustration and anger. He shows a lot of signs that should tell the world he’s in trouble, but they go mostly ignored. He’s literally at the breaking point.


Oddly enough, some of Robert’s antics and reactions might seem almost funny, and even satisfying, if you didn’t know they were likely building up to something terrible. He reminded me a lot of Michael Douglas’ character from Falling Down (1993).

What’s even more intriguing is that he’s not the only one with a problem in this story. His cracks are just more visible than they are in others. The movie does a good job expressing that there’s no telling how many of us are ready to snap at any given moment.

David E. McMahon from Scathing (2016), Bonehill Road (2017), and American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon (2017) plays an odd character named Garret. He represents those of us that are a little better at hiding their demons, but they’re definitely still there.

The solid acting in the movie is probably its greatest strength. Everyone does a fantastic job exploring the nuances of their characters. Traci L. Newman, Camson Alevy, Cortez Brooks, and Scott Broughton all provide strong performances.


The film also presents us with a growing mystery. We don’t know who Robert’s going to kill, nor do we know how, or even why he’s going to do it. The days countdown to the inevitable explosion. He’s almost off the rails by Tuesday, so the build up to Friday is something to see.

The original score by Doctor Jones is also worth mentioning. In places, the music was like something Goblin would have cooked up for movies like Deep Red (1975), Suspiria (1977), or even Tenebre (1982). The music isn’t limited to that, but certainly had that vibe from time to time.

I also thought the film had some thematic connections to Larry Cohen’s God Told Me To (1976), which is similar in its somber vision. I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday is both absorbing and emotionally powerful. This one is highly recommended…

– John Migliore

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