Director: Matthew T. Price
Cast: Lauren Lakis, Mercedes Manning, Lianna Liew
Production Company: 2+2 Films
Runtime: 90 minutes

Dating is already tough enough. Do we really need an app that turns users amoral and completely evil? Of course! That’s how engaging movies are made. Other Halves (2015) is the creative brainchild of director Matthew T. Price, and will leave you with a lot to think about…

In the movie, a group of programmers have created a new dating app that is about to be launched. They discover that the app has bizarre side effects, which causes users to lose all self-control. The programmers consider shutting the app down, but its effects are too addictive…

Other Halves is a science fiction film that successfully includes elements of comedy and horror. The concept is both interesting and timely. The growing mystery and bloody moments keep events moving at a fast pace. The humour comes naturally, and at appropriate moments.


This film was the subject of a controversy recently over at Amazon Prime, because of its strict rules on male nudity. Oddly enough, there’s also plenty of female nudity that wasn’t considered an issue. An unrated version of the movie is currently available in the form of a DVD.

Other Halves was an official selection at the Zed Fest Film Festival, the Other Worlds Austin SciFi Film Festival, and Another Hole in the Head Film Festival. The movie’s creative approach probably had a lot to do with it being selected for festival screenings.

Innovative moments can be found throughout the movie, including credits that appear beneath images, on-screen texts with profile pictures, and other eye-catching digital effects. A movie about technology should also be able to use that technology to interact with audiences.


I also enjoyed the many pop-culture references to things like Freddy Krueger, Batman, Daredevil, and He Knows You’re Alone (1980). The film also reminded me of other movies related to the web, such as Antisocial (2013) and Unfriended (2014).

Other Halves brings together different genres in the same way the program is supposed to match up compatible people. The combinations really work, but the results are often violent. There’s definitely a clear message here about putting too much trust in technology…

– John Migliore

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