Director: Jannine Benkhardt
Cast: Martin O’Sullivan, Cristina Ryan, Thomas Leggett
Production Company: Motum Films
Runtime: 19 minutes

Your actions are your own. Would this statement still ring true after years of physical and mental abuse? Director Jannine Benkhardt investigates this idea in her film Chimes (2018).

In the short, Paul (Martin O’Sullivan) is a serial killer who believes his circumstances are responsible for creating his evil side. He recalls his brutal childhood, while also targeting his victims…

The film creates a well-developed personality profile for the killer. We understand what may have led him to become a monster, without forgiving him for letting it happen.


Benkhardt created this character after much research surrounding real human predators. Paul shows how mental illness and psychological disorders can turn to vicious action if not addressed.

Martin O’Sullivan gives a chilling and emotionless performance as the serial killer. He’s got the role down. We can see it in his fastidious nature and his ominous glare.

Angel Hannigan is also excellent as one of Paul’s mind-blown victims. Her own growing madness is extremely palpable, even in the few brief scenes in which she appears.


The cinematography is another highlight of this creepy short film. The musty scenes in the killer’s lair and the shadowy moments in the church were among my favourites.

Chimes uncovers the dark motivations that drive a particular serial killer, and rings disturbingly true…

– John Migliore

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