Director: Andrea Mugnaini
Cast: Katharina Sporrer, Alan Cappelli Goetz, Andrea Fachinetti
Production Company: Malandrino Film
Runtime: 82 minutes

Playing around with the occult seems like a bad idea to me. Most people would likely try to avoid it. Thankfully, most movie characters don’t have the same inhibitions! Director Andrea Mugnaini stirs up the supernatural in Ouija Seance: The Final Game (2018).

In the movie, Sarah (Katharina Sporrer) inherits a mysterious old villa and decides to stay there for the weekend with her friends. They discover an ancient Ouija board in the attic and inadvertently release an evil force connected to the place…


Beautiful and atmospheric locations are prevalent throughout the film. The cinematography is also very noteworthy. Mugnaini makes bold cinematic choices that are pleasing to the eye. The lighting adds a lot to the overall creepiness of the events too.

The story is similar to that of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981). The locations and circumstances leading up to the release of dark forces are the main connections. Though Sarah’s puzzling dreams are more like the strange images seen in the video from The Ring (2002).

Andrea Fachinetti is great as the freaky caretaker who tries to warn everyone about the villa’s secrets. Characters like this one have been cautioning unbelievers since the earliest horror films were made, and Fachinetti provides us with a worthy modern example.


The mystery surrounding the villa and the death of Sarah’s mother is an intriguing one. Twists and turns in the film’s plot keep things interesting until the very end. The relationships of the main characters are also well-defined and believable.

I also enjoyed the music by Marco De Bonis, the makeup by Cinzia Aggio and Miriam Bruno, and the virtual effects by Alessio Pieroni. Ouija Seance: The Final Game unleashes paranormal phenomenon on an unsuspecting group of young people.

They should have left well enough alone…

– John Migliore

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