Director: Chris Moore
Cast: Meredith Mohler, Jesse Dalton, Sam Furman
Production Company: CWM Entertainment
Runtime: 114 minutes

Have you ever meet someone who is offended by everything? You’ve probably wondered if they were all talk, or genuinely concerned about world issues. Director Chris Moore adds something more sinister to the culture of offence with his film Triggered (2018).

In the movie, Callee (Meredith Mohler) is a social justice warrior intent on pointing out every real or imagined transgression. She and her friend Ian (Jesse Dalton) decide to fake an attack from a serial killer for some attention. This triggers the real serial killer to take notice of them…

Meredith Mohler from And Then There Was Blood (2017) is both irratating and vunerable in the role of Callee Bishop. She changes in many ways over the course of the movie, which makes her a pretty complex character. Mohler’s performance makes the movie…


Jesse Dalton is also excellent in his first film role. He plays a gay character that appears real in every way. He gives an authentic performance, and easily comes across as the most normal character in the movie. Dalton’s definitely the most natural player in this film.

The movie is a relevant commentary on some people’s hyper-sensitivity to social issues. On the other hand, it also shows what certain individuals go through just to be accepted or feel special. There’s really a lot for you to think over and digest after viewing this movie.

In many ways, this film is similar to Scream (1996) and I Know What You Did last Summer (1997). There’s horrific moments in all these films, but there’s a subtle playfulness in them too. There are some funny moments that almost slip under the radar. Very clever…


The growing mystery surrounding who’s responsible for all the killings is an engaging one. There are many suspects presented as the story unfolds, all of whom have potential motives. Multiple twists and turns keep the plot compelling until the very end.

The creepy soundtrack by Luke Zwelsky and the additional music by Jordan Boyd also help to create the film’s dark atmosphere. Triggered raises social awareness and challenges individual beliefs. The horror elements entertain, while your brain processes the ideas presented…

– John Migliore

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