Director: Audrey Cummings
Cast: Olunike Adeliyi, Paul Amos, Rob Archer
Production Company: Shaftesbury Films
Runtime: 82 minutes

Alice went to Wonderland, but it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Still, it must have been better than some of the other places she could have ended up visiting. Director Audrey Cummings drops a stranger into an even stranger land in her science fiction epic Darken (2017).

In the movie, Eve (Bea Santos) is a nurse that is transported to a dark and mysterious world. She joins others in an attempt to escape the horrifying labyrinth that makes up the place. They’re opposed by the forces of Mother Darken, who wish to keep them there forever…

The concept of the movie is extremely well-developed and original. The plot has an excellent balance of elements from science fiction, horror, and action films. Darken is Logan’s Run (1976), Mad Max (1979), and Silent Hill (2006) all rolled into one!


The film’s production values are wonderful. Everything from the foreboding sets to the creative props are handled with expert care. The cinematography and lighting also help to set the somber mood of the movie. The costumes and wardrobe are also quite memorable.

The fight scenes and action sequences move quickly and are well-crafted. Darken has some of the best stunt people in the business in significant roles. The special effects and makeup are skillfully executed too. It’s great to see a film where every aspect seems to work the way it should.

Bea Santos from Antisocial (2013) plays Eve in the movie. Her character is a natural-born leader who fights for survival. Oluniké Adeliyi from Saw 3D (2010) and The Returned (2013) gives us a strong and heroic character to cheer for in the role of Kali.


The movie also features Rob Archer from A Christmas Horror Story (2015), Zoë Belkin from Carrie (2013), Dmitry Chepovetsky from Dead Silence (2007), Ted Ludzik from Land of the Dead (2005), and Kassandra Santos Millen from Antisocial 2 (2015).

Darken is a fantastic voyage to a nightmarish landscape that’s filled with engaging characters. You wouldn’t want to live there, but it sure makes for one hell of a trip…

– John Migliore

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