Director: Richard Chandler
Cast: William DeCoff, Sarah Michelle, Alexandra Cipolla
Production Company: Boston Film Family
Runtime: 117 minutes

Some things just seem to go together naturally. It’s hard to dispute the perfection that is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or the attraction of milk with cookies. So what about horror and wrestling? They’re two bloody tastes that taste great together!

Richard Chandler’s Parts Unknown (2018) twists and smashes these two genres into one unbeatable tag-team event…

In the movie, a family of hardcore professional wrestlers has fallen on hard times. They must discover new ways to satiate their everlasting hunger for violence and get back on top. Their lust for blood leads them to a supernatural force that grants their darkest desires.


Sarah Michelle is both outrageous and entertaining in the role of Kitty Von Strasser. She’s ultra-violent and unpredictable throughout the movie. Lizzie Havoc does a great job as Lacey Tormada in her first movie role. She’s also known for being a pro-wrestling manager.

Actual wrestling personalities like Jake Roberts, William DeCoff, and The Devil’s Doormen all have colourful roles in this movie. These appearances bring another level of authenticity to the proceedings. It’s also just fun to see these athletes in a different or unexpected way.

A couple of indie horror directors take part in the gruesome festivities too. James Balsamo from Hack Job (2011), Mathew Fisher from 2 Die For (2018), and Paul M. McAlarney from Honky Holocaust (2014) make cameo appearances in this film.


The film also has appearances by actors and actresses known for other independent horror movies. Check out this amazing list…

Alexandra Cipolla from Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison (2011)
Alexander Hauck from Thou Shall Kill: The Harvest (2013)
Christina Costello from Deep in the Darkness (2014)
Melantha Blackthorne from Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster (2015)
Ray Hryb from Killing Brooke (2012)
Oselito Joseph from Silent Night, Dead Night: A New Christmas Carol (2016)
Georgia Rose Matlack from Horror House (2012)
Ken Holmes from Nobodies There (2014)
Jack Caron from Chad’s Dental Nightmare (2017)
Gary Lee Vincent from Killer Campout (2017)
Aurora Grabill from Heaven and Hell (2010)


The film briefly looks at behind-the-scenes issues surrounding professional wrestling. Fans of sports entertainment will recognize some of the controversies related to the game. The film’s macabre turn only adds to the usual weirdness that surrounds the squared circle.

The soundtrack is often reminiscent of the type of music you’d hear in an old Italian horror movie. The graveyard scenes also contributed to the Euro Horror vibe. The film is loaded with gore, nudity, and bizarre sexuality. Parts Unknown will put you down for the count…

– John Migliore

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