Director: Benjamin Helmeczi
Cast: Ifj. Elek Pál, Kelemen Szabolcs
Production Company: JackSinema
Runtime: 9 minutes

Animal abuse is a serious issue that should have severe consequences. Exactly how harsh should the punishment be for these evil acts?

Does abuse justify retaliatory violence?

Director Benjamin Helmeczi explores these concepts in his new short film Vulpes: Prologue (2018). Torture and justice walk a fine line in this shocking movie.


In the film, Vulpes (Ifj. Elek Pál) uses live streaming to punish and kill those who have tortured animals. He wants to bring attention to the subject in the most gruesome way.

Vulpes: Prologue is thematically similar to Saw (2004), but with a moral conscience. Helmeczi noted that he had not seen that film until someone pointed out the similarities.

The story grew from Helmeczi’s own frustration with those who torture animals evading punishment. Vulpes was born out of his desire to see justice done in a horror setting.

The film’s gore effects are well done and very realistic. Helmeczi’s decision to use brutality to fight against animal abuse is definitely a very daring one.


The title suggests we should expect some kind of follow up. Want to know more? You can read our interview with Benjamin Helmeczi here

Vulpes: Prologue should be coming soon to a film festival near you. Ask your local festival planners to watch for it. You won’t want to miss this one…

– John Migliore

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