Director: Tyler Savage
Cast: Chase Joliet, Sara Montez, Dale Dickey
Production Company: Portola Pictures
Runtime: 90 minutes

An unexpected windfall can change a person’s life forever. Most of the time, we believe that change will be for the better. It could just as easily become a nightmare. Director Tyler Savage explores this notion in his psychological thriller Inheritance (2017).

In the movie, Ryan (Chase Joliet) inherits a house from his estranged biological father who recently passed away. He moves in with his pregnant fiancé, and they decide to set down roots. Ryan decides to learn more about his father, only to discover his family’s darkest secrets…


Chase Joliet from Zombex (2013) is brooding and obsessive in the role of Ryan Bowman. Sara Montez from the soon to be released Nosferatu (2018) is strong and supportive as his fiancé Isi Rosales. They are the foundation that the rest of the film is built upon.

The movie also features the acting talents of Dale Dickey from Trailer Park of Terror (2008), Drew Powell from 1408 (2007), and Jim Ortlieb from Flatliners (1990). They’re excellent in their respective supporting roles, and add a lot to the growing mystery.

The movie is populated with an large collection of odd characters, who exhibit a wide range of curious behaviours. Most of these individuals are encountered specifically by Joliet’s character and contribute to his madness.


Ryan’s descent into darkness is reminiscent of similar events in other classic horror movies. His change of personality is like the one borne by George Lutz in The Amityville Horror (1979) or Jack Torrance in The Shining (1980). There’s something sinister behind all their transformations.

The movie is more dramatic in nature than pure horror, but there are still plenty of scary moments. Inheritance is a subtle and methodical look into the mystery surrounding one family’s dark history. It will keep you guessing and engaged right until the end…

– John Migliore

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