Director: Justin Armao
Cast: Preston Gant, Maria Canapino, Jessica Dercks
Production Company: The Nitwit Consortium
Runtime: 96 minutes

There’s nothing like a touching love story, or a slick blaxploitation movie. Guess which category this one fits into? In the urban tradition of Blacula (1972), Blackenstein (1973), and Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976) comes Bloodsucka Jones vs. the Creeping Death (2017).

In the movie, Vanessa (Maria Canapino) calls upon Bloodsucka Jones (Preston Gant) to help her fight an army of creeping zombies. David (Justin Armao) and Timmy (Brian Girard) lend a hand too. Can they stop Stewart (Matt Kelly) and his evil plans for world domination?

This film is a sequel to Bloodsucka Jones (2013), but don’t worry if you haven’t seen it. There’s a fun animated sequence that will catch you up at the start of this movie. I enjoyed this one without seeing the first, but I do want to go back and see it now…


The main cast members from the first movie are all back for this crazy sequel. It was also great to see Jennifer Runyon-Corman from Ghostbusters (1984), Carnosaur (1993), and Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival (2015) in a cameo role. She’s plenty sexy and super evil as Nurse Zarkov.

Bloodsucka Jones vs. the Creeping Death definitely falls into the Troma style of filmmaking. The film is made up of kooky vignettes and oddball side stories that usually take us far from the main action. You’ll definitely have a tough time trying to guess what’s coming next!

My favourite characters from one of those cutaway scenes are Romeo (Evan Mack) and French Fries (Dione Kuraoka). They provide commentary throughout the movie and are simply amusing to watch. I was always happy to see them pop up throughout the film.


There were a lot of moments that just made me chuckle. I thought the fate of Professor Googly Eyes was pretty hilarious. So was Vanessa’s first frizzy-haired meeting with Bloodsucka Jones. The training sequence steals the whole show! I laughed really hard at that part…

The film’s title song was written and performed by Songhammer. It’s a catchy tune, and a memorable addition to the movie. It helped to create that seventies action hero vibe that the movie is all about. That and Bloodsucka Jones’ badass afro, of course…

There’s definitely an opportunity to turn this series into a mind-altering trilogy. Before that happens, I’ll be sure to seek out the first movie. Bloodsucka Jones vs. the Creeping Death will leave you gasping for more. Damn straight! Can you dig it?

– John Migliore

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