Director: Randy Smith, April Campbell, Ray Besharah
Cast: Ray Besharah, Victoria Luloff, Porkchop
Production Company: Randy Smith and April Campbell
Runtime: 82 minutes

Okay, I get it. Really. Horror isn’t for everyone. Some people actually prefer fluffy animals over blood and guts. To each their own, but maybe you don’t have to choose. Randy Smith and April Campbell mix things up with Horror and Hamsters (2018).

In the movie, a spooky sister (Victoria Luloff) and her not-so-creepy brother (Ray Besharah) disagree about what they should watch. Eventually, they agree on a compromise. Why not mix a love for terror with the cuteness associated with little furballs?

The film opens with a whimsical fake trailer for a movie called The Hunter. This segment ends with a bit of a surprise, so it’s probably best not to reveal too much. Fans of The Evil Dead (1981) will appreciate the approach of this amusing trailer.


What’s it Going to Be is about a man who makes all the necessary sacrifices to be a winner on a game show. The special makeup effects in this segment are excellent. Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Mansion is as cute as it sounds. A hamster goes about his business in a doll house full of yummy snacks.

One More Drink features a female serial killer who’s evil designs for a new victim don’t go as planned. Freaky moments and great effects make this segment a winner. Tiny Hamster in a Tiny Playground give us a lovable hamster in a new fun-filled setting. I found it hard not to smile…

Cloooowns takes place on Halloween. It’s all fun and games until the killer clowns arrive! There’s some creative gore in this one. In Hamster Agility Course, it’s Porkchop versus Dumptruck for all the marbles. Though, I’m sure they would prefer sunflower seeds…

Missing is the story of a fiendish kidnapping. Tiny Hamster Eating a Tiny Pizza will have you craving carbs and more hamster videos. Drunk vs. Zombie is a very short segment with a brainy punchline. Two Tiny Hamsters in a Tiny Playground doubles your furry pleasure!


Having a Drink involves a seedy bar and a hungry family of werewolves. It reminded me a little of From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). Tiny Hamster Treasure Hunt gives us a hamster dressed as a pirate. I don’t think you need more than that…

La Grosse Mort features a very unique sexual predator. The modern world of online dating has rarely been so scary. Tantalizing presents us with a hamster facing a big problem. How exactly will he reach that tasty morsel hanging by a string…

In Bundle of Joy, a highly-evolved baby directs his father to follow his every command. Watch for an unexpected cameo that’s pretty funny! Horror and Hamsters is the perfect date movie for mismatched lovers. Who says opposites don’t attract…

– John Migliore

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