Director: Jason Bourque
Cast: Matthew MacCaull, Dakota Daulby, Christie Burke
Production Company: Gold Star Productions
Runtime: 88 minutes

What exactly leads someone to the life of a serial killer? Are they simply born that way, or does upbringing play a powerful role? Director Jason Bourque delves into the grim circumstances that could create a human monster in Black Fly (2014).

In the movie, Jake (Dakota Daulby) reconnects with his brother Noel (Matthew MacCaull) after being separated for some time. They don’t know each other very well, but soon they are entangled in a series of crimes, which happen to include murder.

The movie is based on true events that occurred on the Kingston Peninsula. Bourque even had a brief encounter with the real serial killer behind the story. This obviously makes Black Fly a very personal and emotional film for its dedicated director.


It’s also a snapshot of what living in the area must have been like at the time. We get an intimate look at country living at its not-so-finest. The relationship between the brothers and how it develops over the course of the story is also a well-developed part of the movie.

Black Fly has won a number of awards at film festivals across North America. It was named “Best Narrative Feature” at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, and received “Best Sound Editing” and “Best Performance by a Male” for Matthew MacCaull from the Leo Awards.

Dakota Daulby was also named “Best Newcomer” at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards. You may remember him as Tommy from the television series iZombie. For that matter, Matthew MacCaull also appeared on that show, in the role of Sebastian Meyer.


Christie Burke from Crowsnest (2012) is great as Noel’s girlfriend Paula. She expertly goes through a wide range of emotions for her role. Matty Finochio from Bedeviled (2016) plays Noel’s friend Steve in the movie. He has a pivotal part in the movie’s dark plot.

The events of the movie are portrayed as a methodical spiral into madness. They capture your interest and hold them until the very last moments of the film. The movie is a fascinating psychological thriller with excellent characterization. Black Fly bites hard and draws blood early…

– John Migliore

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