Director: Hiroshi Katagiri
Cast: Justin Gordon, Eva Swan, Simon Phillips
Production Company: HK Studio
Runtime: 105 minutes

Gehenna is a term that’s been used in both literature and scripture. It can be described as the final destination for corrupt souls. Quite simply, it’s hell. Director Hiroshi Katagiri takes us on a macabre expedition through the darkest depths in Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016).

In the movie, a group of land developers go to Saipan in search of locations for a holiday resort. They soon discover a hidden bunker that they choose to investigate. Once inside, they must face decaying phantoms and their own enigmatic secrets. Survival is optional…

Justin Gordon from Oculus (2013) and Eva Swan from Alien Inhabitant (2011) are equally engaging as the main protagonists of the film. Simon Phillips from Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) and Once Upon a Time at Christmas (2017) is delightfully wicked in the role of Alan.


Doug Jones from The Shape of Water (2017) and a multitude of other genre films, including Hell’s Kitty (2018), appears briefly as a creepy old man. Lance Henriksen from Aliens (1986) also makes a cameo appearance. These roles are small, but still pivotal to the story.

The film also features appearances by Patrick Gorman from 13 Days (2016), Charles Chudabala from Irrational Fear (2017), and Maxie Santillan Jr. from Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010). It’s always a pleasure to see actors from other independent films popping up in new movies.

Gehenna: Where Death Lives also has some remarkably artistic moments. The opening credits are accompanied by beautiful paintings by Sakura Kikukawa. The original score by Yuan Liu enhances the terrifying events and the feeling of claustrophobia.


The special makeup effects by Spectral Motion are fantastic. The supernatural creatures encountered in the film are both frightening and gruesome. These ghoulish apparitions are definitely a highlight of the movie. The gore effects are very effective and disturbingly realistic.

The movie was filmed on location in Los Angeles and Saipan. There’s some beautiful scenery to soak in along the way too! Gehenna: Where Death Lives is haunting and nightmarish. Be sure to see it with someone you don’t mind scaring to death…

– John Migliore

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