Director: Ryan Bellgardt
Cast: Ryan Merriman, Perrey Reeves, Adam Hampton
Production Company: High Octane Pictures
Runtime: minutes

Is there anything more vicious than a death row convict? How about a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex! Let’s call it an even match. Director Ryan Bellgardt rocks the house with his entertaining hybrid film The Jurassic Games (2018).

In the movie, ten condemned convicts compete against each other in a futuristic game set in virtual reality. They must face killer dinosaurs, challenging puzzles, and each other’s violent tendencies. Will any of them be able to survive the onslaught?

Ryan Merriman plays the sleazy host of the games. You may remember him from Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader (2012), Final Destination 3 (2006), and Halloween: Resurrection (2002). He’s great in the role, and has a cool mask he wears in a few scenes.


Perrey Reeves from Child’s Play 3 (1991) is excellent as the cold-blooded producer of the games. She plays someone you’ll love to hate. Katie Burgess and Adam Hampton from Gremlin (2017) both have interesting and substantial roles in the film.

The movie quickly establishes its premise, and then gets right into the action with the opening scene. You pretty much know everything important to the plot before the opening credits are over. Events continue to unfold at this fast pace as the story progresses.

Amazing special effects prevail throughout the entire movie. In particular, the various species of dinosaurs all look fantastic! There are a few other surprises along the way too. Expect to see some other impressive creatures as the games move forward.


The film has a bit of a dark sense of humour too. It doesn’t cross over into the realm of comedy, but there are a few notable moments. For example, there’s a commercial for action figures based on the contestants that put a smile on my face.

The Jurassic Games combines Death Race (2008), The Hunger Games (2012), and Jurassic Park (1993) into one spectacular production. Fans and followers of these movies should definitely make a point of catching this one. It’s a lot of fun!

The movie has a very satisfying conclusion, but there’s still an opening for a possible sequel. The Jurassic Games deserves my highest recommendation! It’s a dino-packed thrill ride you won’t want to miss…

– John Migliore

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