Director: Jim Hickcox
Cast: Ruby Lee Dove II, Hal Schneider, Mary Anzalone
Production Company: Demon Janx
Runtime: 72 minutes

Looking for something different? Something that may remind you of The Shape of Water (2017), but then goes off in a completely different direction? Look no further! Director Jim Hickcox has some Soft Matter (2018) that will satisfy your needs…

In the movie, two artsy friends break into what they think is an abandoned research facility. Once inside, they discover a pair of mad scientists who attend to bizarre and mutated patients. An ancient sea-god soon appears, threatening to kill them all…

Ruby Lee Dove II is intentionally laid back and cool as Kish. Hal Schneider from Psympatico (2014) plays an oddball scientist named Grist. Mary Anzalone is completely mad in the role of Kriegspiel. Their roles are played mostly straight, making each performance even more whimsical.


Soft Matter also features a number of veteran indie horror actors including Devyn Placide from Fun with Hackley: Axe Murderer (2016), Sam Stinson from Terror Birds (2016), and Mark Blumberg from Demon Hunters: Fear the Silence (2013).

The comic elements of the film are gleefully delivered in a quirky and surreal manner. There are some horrific moments, but they’re all executed in funny ways. The movie strikes a good balance between the farcical elements and the more serious ones.

The film has a few animated sequences that add to the surreal nature of the proceedings. There’s even some animated effects that grace the main action during key scenes. This all helps to instill the feeling that you’re watching an over the top cartoon.


Odd musical numbers also rear their wacky heads in the movie. Some of them even accompany the aforementioned animation. There’s one near the end of the film that perfectly sums things up in a comedic way. You’ll have to watch it yourself to see what I mean…

Mister Sacks (Bradley Creel) is a patient that’s covered in brown slime and wrapped in garbage bags. His dance sequences are among the most entertaining moments of the movie. His scenes are a little psychotropic in nature, but that’s all part of the fun.

The film’s colourful lighting is very eye-catching, especially towards the end of the film. Listen closely for some quick comical references to Ghostbusters (1984), Jaws (1975) and Jaws 3-D (1983). Soft Matter will get inside your head and turn it into mush. Mmm…

– John Migliore

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