Director: Jonathan Zuck
Cast: Erin Nicole Cline, Dave Coyne, Shanna Forrestall
Production Company: Gentoo Films
Runtime: 84 minutes

Most of us have a healthy skepticism when it comes to paranormal reality shows. We watch because we’re intrigued by the subject matter, but we don’t always believe what we see. Within the Darkness (2016) explores the sinister side of reality television.

In the movie, a group of ghost hunters prepare to shoot a pilot episode for a new paranormal series. They expect to fake everything needed to create a spooky show that will launch their careers. They are surprised when the house they choose to investigate actually appears to be haunted.

Erin Nicole Cline from Joe Vampire (2012) portrays a conflicted occult specialist. Dave Coyne from V/H/S/2 (2013) is a paranormal huckster with his eye on fame and fortune. Shanna Forrestall from The Last Exorcism (2010) plays a psychic medium with a dark side.


Tonya Kay from Puppet Master: Axis Termination (2017) plays the chief technology expert that has romantic designs on the show’s charismatic host. John C. Bailey from Clowns (2014) has some funny and sarcastic lines in the role of Bruce.

Jill Redding from ParaAbnormal (2009) delivers a great performance as a cranky old woman who shares her recollections of the haunted house. The entire cast works well together to bring us a cohesive production that moves along very smoothly.

All of the main characters provide definitions of paranormal situations and research devices, depending on the situation they encounter. This brings us into the world of supernatural investigation, and even points out some of the tricks of the trade.


The film is a special blend of fake documentary footage and traditional filming techniques. The movie also uses re-enactments and stylized effects to simulate the look of a real paranormal reality show. A lot of effort went into making the psychic events seem believable.

The film’s comedic moments are also worth mentioning. These elements help to create a rapport among the characters. Most of the satirical scenes appear early in the movie, before the circumstances become more serious in nature.

The music by Carlos Garza is effective and often chilling. The movie also has a surprise twist ending that’s worth the wait. Watch for an additional scene after the credits too. Within the Darkness will immerse you in both terror and deceit…

– John Migliore

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