Directors: Holden Andrews, Ivan Asen, Victor Mathieu
Cast: Deane Sullivan, Jan-David Soutar, Matt Fowler
Production Company: Dead List, LLC
Runtime: 80 minutes

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you’d do anything to get it? Of course, most of us know that our deepest desires always come at a price. Dead List (2017) will grant your fondest wishes, but will there be anything left of you to reap the rewards?

In the movie, Cal (Deane Sullivan) is an aspiring actor that finds an enchanted book that kills his rivals in bizarre and horrible ways. His friend Trevor (Jan-David Soutar) encourages him to use the book, but may actually suffer the same fate as the rest…


Each character’s death is shot as a separate segment of the movie. These scenes even have different writers and directors. They all mesh together very well, working as one story rather than a collection of shorts. Dead List isn’t really an anthology, but does successfully uses some of the same tricks.

The gore effects involved in achieving Kush’s gruesome death are pretty spectacular. The creature that appears in that segment was cool too. I also enjoyed the brief clips from a horror movie that Cal and Trevor watch on television at one point in the story.

The film’s main concept shares a few similarities to Death Note (2006), where a young man discovers a book that causes people to die when you write their names in it. The deaths in both films are also rather inventive and surprising to behold.


The creators of Dead List must also be devoted horror movie fans. The film’s opening title sequence reminded me of the one from Halloween (1978). There are nods to other movies as well, including The Evil Dead (1981), Creepshow 2 (1987), It (1990), and Drag Me to Hell (2009).

The film offers a lot of variety and moves along at a brisk pace. The main characters are all actors, but there’s enough that’s different about them to keep things interesting. The original music by Bobby Brader, and the film’s theme by Victor Mathieu are both effective.

Now, actors will have a lot more to fear than simply being blacklisted. Making this list could kill them! Dead List proves that fame costs, and the currency is blood…

– John Migliore

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