Director: Joe Lujan
Cast: Corey Taylor, Brittany Enos, Gabriella Martinez
Production Company: Carcass Studios
Runtime: 85 minutes

Do you have atelophobia? That’s the fear of imperfection, or not being good enough. People who suffer from this anxiety disorder set standards for themselves that are impossible to reach. Atelophobia (2015) is also a horror movie directed by Joe Lujan, who gave us Rust (2015).

In the movie, Bianca (Brittany Enos) and her snobby friends are beauty queens who think they’re better than everyone else. These women are kidnapped and ruthlessly tortured, forcing them to live with physical imperfections that ravage their outward beauty forever…


Corey Taylor from Hot Tub Party Massacre (2016) is unforgiving in the role of Meredith. Many of the actors in this movie also appear in Lujan’s other films, including Rust 2 (2016), The Immortal Wars (2018) and the sequel, Atelophobia: Chapter 2 (2017).

Horror films can often provide the most biting social commentary. Atelophobia contributes important insights on issues relating to body image and self-esteem. There’s also a lot about bullying and fake people who act differently when not in the public eye.

The film sets out to show just how awful and two-faced these women are before moving into scenes of intense torture and gore. Their actions are terrible, but can’t justify the terror and mutilation that each of them must face. They all go from bullies to heart-wrenching victims.


Atelophobia is shot in a very stylized manner, making great use of split screen, jump cuts, black and white, slow motion, still images, and bold lighting effects. Though very shocking in content, the images are artistically choreographed and expertly executed.

The moments of torture are hard to watch and terrifyingly effective. The effects used during these scenes help to make them feel all the more nightmarish. The music composed by July Castillo and Eric Dyer add some chills along the way too.

Atelophobia takes the act of revenge to its most sadistic and brutal extremes. Be prepared…

– John Migliore

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