Director: Todd Bartoo
Cast: Jamie Bernadette, Teo Celigo, Erik Aude
Production Company: TODFILM
Runtime: 98 minutes

Everyone knows that seeking revenge is probably a bad idea. So what’s a person to do when the desire is strong for some good old-fashioned vengeance? Turn to the movies, of course! Killing Joan (2018) is directed by Todd Bartoo, who brings us a dish best served cold…

In the movie, Joan Butler (Jamie Bernadette) is a mob enforcer who finds it difficult to keep her cool. After crossing the wrong people, Joan faces brutal retribution. Somehow, she returns from the brink to exact her own brand of vengeance on those that betrayed her.


Jamie Bernadette from 4/20 Massacre (2018) plays a very different role in this movie. She’s tough in both films, but here she exhibits a much darker side. Teo Celigo from The Impaler (2013) and Dion Basco from Dahmer (2002) also shine in supporting roles.

Killing Joan stands alongside other satisfying revenge movies that also happen to have a supernatural slant. This film is similar in tone to The Crow (1994), Drive Angry (2011), and Homicycle (2014). Revenge may be sweet, but the paranormal really does go with everything!

The supernatural elements of the story add a lot to the movie. In fact, events become increasingly odd as the plot unfolds. The first half of the film is a crime drama, while the second half is more concerned with mystical powers and sinister forces from beyond.


The film’s digital effects consist mostly of otherworldly smoke and living tendrils of darkness. These effects are very well done and can be seen frequently over the course of the film. Digital effects have become less expensive to produce in recent years, allowing independent films to reap the rewards.

This movie has a strong connection to the superhero genre as well. Fans of movies with darker heroes, like Spawn (1997) or Darkman (1990), will likely enjoy this film for its street-level crime and its ties to the spirit world. In this way, the movie is a genre-bending experience.

Killing Joan will satisfy your need for metaphysical payback…

– John Migliore

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