Director: Tracy Lee Staton
Cast: Matthew Ewald, Royce Hobson, Robb Barger
Production Company: Roadkill Entertainment
Runtime: 91 minutes

There’s nothing quite like the simple life. Living in a small town could be the closest thing to heaven some of us will ever see. What happens when it all goes to hell? Deadlines (2017) shows us the terror simmering just below the surface of society…

In the movie, a mysterious stranger comes to the small town of Woods Creek. A series of murders and macabre events seem to mirror situations that took place fifty years ago. Could this enigmatic man be responsible for all of these developments?


Royce Hobson from Skeleton Key 3 Part 2 (2017) delivers a notable performance as a creepy drifter with ties to the devil. Matthew Ewald from Athena (2015), and John Johnson from Shadowhunters (2004) both have solid roles to play as well.

The cast also includes Camille Keaton from I Spit on Your Grave (1978) as an overbearing principal. Robb Barger is appropriately hard-nosed as Detective Smith Wesson. John Birmingham of Rednecks (2017) also makes a brief cameo appearance.

Tracy Lee Staton is the multi-talented writer/director of this movie. Staton has previously had roles in Dead Woman’s Hollow (2013) and Rednecks (2017). Deadlines is also her first feature film, and it’s an ambitious one too. She handles a plethora of elaborate set-ups like a real pro.


Executive producer Cory Greer also served as a production assistant, foley artist, boom operator, and gaffer. He was involved in casting, props, sound and production design, and even played the role of Lance. This is the kind of dedication that every independent feature needs.

The movie’s plot is strongly influenced by the works of Stephen King. It’s set in a small town with a large cast that represents a cross section of the community. Tradition horror elements are mixed with a contemporary setting to create relatable situations.

Excellent special effects by Bio-Duck FX with Michael Barber, and a musical score reminiscent to that of John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) add a lot to this movie too. Deadlines is an effective horror film with an engaging plot and interesting characters.

– John Migliore

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