Director: Robert W. Filion
Cast: Matthew Ewald, Vanelle, Michael Melendez
Production Company: Image Impact Group
Runtime: 98 minutes

Everyone has a little voice in their head that advises them what to do. It’s called inner speech. Troubles begin when that voice is no longer your own. Athena (2015) focuses on this startling concept through the eyes of director Robert W. Filion.

In the movie, Carl (Matthew Ewald) leads a dismal existence due to the sudden loss of his wife. Emily (Vanelle) would like to get closer to Carl, but a lot stands in the way. After a violent encounter with a crazed individual, Carl discovers that a strange voice now resides in his head…

Matthew Ewald from Plan 9 (2015), Shadowhunters: Devilspeak (2015), and Skeleton Key 3 Part 2 (2017) is excellent in the role of Carl. He often plays likeable characters that you can relate to easily. In this case, his character also has a deeply tragic side.


Vanelle from Dark Awakening (2014) plays Carl’s potential love interest in the movie. She must deal with a number of challenges in the film that are similar to those faced by Ewald. In both cases, their performances are crucial in moving the narrative forward.

The film’s cast also includes Mahri Shelton from Infliction (2014), Michael Melendez from Burning Darkness (2005), Patrick G. Keenan from Fantasma (2017), Kristin Jann-Fischer from Palmetto Haunting (2010), and Tim Ross from Live Evil (2015).

The story is told from multiple perspectives, so intentionally vague information becomes clearer when revisited from a different point of view. In this way, the film is similar to Vantage Point (2008), The Outrage (1964) and even Rashomon (1950).


The makeup and blood effects in the movie are exceptional. From Carl’s burns to the copious amounts of blood, everything looks suitably gross. The film is a disturbing example of body horror, thanks to its many graphic scenes and visceral moments.

Digital effects are also used extensively throughout this movie. I don’t want to spoil any surprises here, so let’s just say that the results are remarkable.

The movie also possesses a killer soundtrack with music by Ansel Brown, The Knockers, Dreamkiller, Anders Manga, Absolute Zero, Bloody Hammers, and Joe Santana’s Kingfish. Athena will burrow its way into your head and stay there. Pray the voices eventually go away…

– John Migliore

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