Director: Andy Collier, Toor Mian
Cast: Sarah Beck Mather, Jamie Satterthwaite, Andonis Anthony
Production Company: Loose Canon Films
Runtime: 96 minutes

A criminal investigator on the trail of a serial killer must have to deal with some pretty dark thoughts. Charismata (2017) sheds light on this somber supposition, before plummeting headlong into darkness. The film is cleverly directed by Andy Collier and Toor Mian.

In the movie, Rebecca (Sarah Beck Mather) is a police detective on the trail of a ritualistic murderer. Her mind begins to unravel as she becomes more obsessed with the case, and one particular suspect. Will she learn the truth, or bring about her own downfall?


Rebecca must wade through a sea of misogynistic characters while conducting her investigation. Most of the men in the movie are either obstructive or abrasive in nature. She endures despite all obstacles, and her own crumbling mental state.

She suffers from odd hallucinations, bizarre visions, and disturbing nightmares throughout the movie. On some weird level, she reminded me of Jack Torrance from The Shining (1980). Both start off as relatable characters that are later engulfed by madness.

Mather brings the complicated character of Rebecca Faraway to life in the movie. Her performance is absolutely brilliant, providing us with a realistic and vulnerable heroine. Jamie Satterthwaite is utterly creepy as Michael Sweet, one of the suspects in the film.


Cinematographer Fernando Ruiz utilizes symmetrical compositions in the same way Stanley Kubrick always employed one-point perspective. Some shots are even intentionally asymmetrical, showing us that something is off or incomplete.

The movie has quite a few unexpected twists that may leave you reeling before the end. I’m not even sure if all of them actually took place, or were just a part of Rebecca’s emotional collapse. Either way, you’ll be thinking about this one long after the credits roll.

Compelling artistic choices in the areas of lighting and special effects make this film a beautiful one to behold. Charismata is a riveting crime thriller that will have you questioning reality. Be sure to check your expectations at the door…

– John Migliore

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