Director: Eric Leiser
Cast: Maria Bruun, Chris O’Leary, Eros Galbiati
Production Company: Albino Fawn Productions
Runtime: 90 minutes

Are members of our own government hiding the truth from us? Do mind-altering chemtrails and alien abductions actually take place? Apocalypsis (2018) drags some of the darkest schemes we could ever imagine into the light of modern day.

In the movie, Evelyn (Maria Bruun) has unusual visions while reading from the Book of Revelation. Her friend Michael (Chris O’Leary) is a conspiracy theorist that is being watched by the government. Together, they must save the world from impeding doom…

The film has an art house style that captures the director’s personal vision. It’s loaded with nightmarish imagery that can be visually overwhelming at times. There are mind-boggling moments that may bring to mind the psychedelic experiences from Altered States (1980).


Stop motion animation is used during Evelyn’s visions to express ideas in an interesting way. Inverted photographs, stock footage, and sand patterns, also add to the psychedelic nature of her dreams. These are all prophetic in nature, and require some interpretation.

Existential discussions are the cornerstone of Apocalypsis. Some of them are spiritual in nature, while others are based on science. The two views are always at odds, as are Evelyn and Michael. Outlandish conspiracy theories are also discussed, and usually treated as fact.

These theories include everything from aluminum foil deflection to mind-control experiments inflicted by the government. The closer the world gets to disaster the more science, conspiracy, and spirituality, come together to form the movie’s singular reality.


Some parts of the movie are in Japanese, and focus on the terrible reality of nuclear war. Evelyn even feels that a higher power is calling her to Japan, and believes it’s where she can do the most good. The atomic attack on Japan is used as a metaphor for the end times.

This indie film is the third instalment of a science fiction trilogy. The previous films in the series are Imagination (2008), and Glitch in the Grid (2012). Apocalypsis blends elements of mysticism with conspiracy culture to create a unique world view…

– John Migliore

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