Director: Mark Beal
Cast: Cory W. Ahre, Joel Jeremy Herrera, Jessica Bell
Production Company: Trenchfoot Productions
Runtime: 80 minutes

Vampires would be hard enough to deal with under normal circumstances. Toss them into a surrealistic landscape full of odd characters and you’ve got something really unnerving. Bloodsucker’s Handbook (2012) invites you to embrace the weirdness…

In the movie, Father Noah Gregory (Cory W. Ahre) is asked to question a creepy vampire by federal agents. Noah is intrigued by a book written by the creature, which explains his dark history. The fiend eventually escapes, and his first goal is to retrieve the tome…

At first, the frank discussion between the priest and the undead ghoul reminded me of Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994). As the story unfolded, the movie turned out to be a lot more like Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood (1959).


Set in the sixties, the film instantly creates a swinging atmosphere. This is achieved through cool cars, goateed beatniks, go-go dancers, references to astronauts, toad licking, and a jazzy soundtrack. It may not be the sixties as they were, but certainly as we remember them!

Early on in the film, stop motion animation is used to tell the history of Vlad the Impaler. Then, as the plot becomes more surreal, animated characters begin to creep into the main narrative. One is a doggie detective named Valentine. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy…

The film starts off normally enough, but things eventually get pretty weird. You’ll see a pink flamingo lounging in a bar, a well-dressed baboon, a friendly pteradactyl, and a man eating grubs. I do believe my meds have finally kicked in!


Originally entitled Enchiridion, the movie has received a number of awards. It won the highly coveted “Best of Quest” from the HorrorQuest Film Festival. It also picked up the prestigious “Independent Spirit Award” at the Red Wasp Festival.

Joel Jeremy Herrera was named “Best Actor” at the GenreBlast Film Festival. He certainly deserves some recognition for his excellent portrayal of Doctor Condu. Cory W. Ahre from The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter (2014) is profoundly stoic as Father Noah.

Bloodsucker’s Handbook will take you on a trip from the plausible to the psychedelic. Be ready for a wacky ride on the wild side!

– John Migliore

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