Director: Ian Messenger
Cast: Donna Brown, Justin Celani, Tim Christie
Production Company: CatchMeKillMe Productions
Runtime: 70 minutes

Humans have been telling stories around the campfire for centuries. There’s something almost visceral about it. These tales can be spooky and delightful at the same time. Fireside Tales (2016) is an anthology film by director Ian Messenger that welcomes us back to the fire.

In the movie, a group of young friends congregate around a campfire to tell scary stories and enjoy cold drinks. Donna is new to the group and want to make a good impression on her boyfriend’s pals. She has more to worry about than she knows…


Undertow is the story of a mutant killer who attacks three friends on a secluded beach. The killer’s look is striking, and his ability to emerge from water like some kind of leviathan is cool.

The Bad Man is an axe-wielding murderer who must face an angry father seeking revenge for the death of his daughter. I particularly enjoyed that this one ended in an atypical fashion.

The Tormentor features three friends who get together to watch a bad horror movie. Something worse waits for them outside. This is definitely one of the most violent segments in the movie.


Where Skinwalkers Dare deals with a group of people who are hunting a creature they think killed one of their friends. This tale is a little more supernatural in nature, with a freaky-looking monster.

An addition story shot on VHS plays during the end credits. It’s an eerie bit of found footage that pops up without explanation. It’s a disturbing piece of work worth waiting to see…

The friends all take turns being featured in each other’s stories, which marks an approach I haven’t seen before in an anthology film. They also relish shooting holes in their rival’s tales between segments.


The silicone masks used in the movie were all beautifully designed. Credit goes to The Basement FX, Immortal Masks, and Xavier Martinez-Garcia. I thought they were all fantastic!

Most of the stories in this anthology feature a ruthless killer. I’d like to see a sequel that takes on other areas of the horror genre. Fireside Tales is loaded with terror, crude jokes, nudity, and maniacs. Sit down and warm yourself by its fire…

– John Migliore

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