Directors: Jared Bratt, Vincent Pun
Cast: Jared Bratt, Tanya Lee, Brennan Pedde
Production Company: Candy Eater Films
Runtime: 78 minutes

To be alone, truly alone, may be the scariest thing of all. Chronic loneliness has now reached epidemic proportions in our modern society. Streamer (2017) deals with one man’s involuntary solitude and his struggle to pull himself back from the brink.

In the movie, Jared (Jared Bratt) discovers that a web cam model (Tanya Lee) lives in his building. His struggle with loneliness has gone on for some time. He hopes to make a connection with her, either on the web or in person. It’s going to be complicated…

The film deals with the nature of loneliness in a world where social media and internet chat rooms are the norm. Somehow, all this connectivity has lead to mass isolation, leaving people like Jared in a state of desperation, disabled by their own social awkwardness.


Streamer addresses the difficulties surrounding really meeting people these days. Jared’s relationship with the the model on the web is stronger than the one he has with her in real life, but it’s all a lie. The personal relationship is genuine, but it’s going nowhere.

Jared walks a fine line between creepy stalker and lonely everyman in the movie. His daydreams only serve to make him appear all the more disturbed to the viewer. He even states aloud that he’d like them out of his head. He knows he’s in trouble, but doesn’t know what to do about it.

This is a very personal story for Jared Bratt, who also co-directed the movie. On the film’s website, he penned a statement focusing on his own bout with loneliness and failed relationships. You really have to admire him for putting so much of himself out there.


There are visual signals in the movie to let us know that things aren’t going well. Jared’s room is 911, and that certainly shows that he’s living in a state of emergency. In another scene, Jared is shown next to a collection of lost socks in a laundry room. He’s just as alone as they are…

At one point, Jared and the model (she’s listed as The Girl in the credits, but calls herself Ivy online) are watching Night of the Living Dead (1968). That film often turns up in indie productions, mainly because it’s public domain. Here, it is another example of isolation and strained relationships.

Taxi Driver (1976) and The Shining (1980) are good examples of loneliness and isolation leading to madness and violence. This film can now join their ranks. Streamer may not be a horror movie, but it’s basis in reality is terrifying…

– John Migliore

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