Director: Angelo Lopes
Cast: Brendan Guy Murphy, Jon Proudstar, Carol Cardenas
Production Company: Point Of View Pictures
Runtime: 90 minutes

A devastating apocalypse is something we all dread, but what may come after has always captured our imaginations. That’s why there are so many films set in a post-apocalyptic world. Wastelander (2018) gives us an intriguing look into a dystopian future.

In the movie, Rhyous (Brendan Guy Murphy) wanders the desolate wastelands in search of Eden. His journey is hindered by cybernetic bandits and armed raiders. Even if he finds what he’s looking for, it may not turn out to be what he expects…

The story rolls out in an episodic fashion as Rhyous goes from challenge to challenge. There’s plenty of action, and the plot moves on to the next confrontation fairly rapidly. Clues to the existence and whereabouts of Eden are dropped along the way.


The visual effects in the film are highly effective. Director Angelo Lopes accomplishes a lot with his restricted budget. The digital matte paintings by Greg Mannino really spice up the futuristic landscape. An animated segment by Chad Kaplan is interesting too.

The costumes are a major highlight of this movie. Everyone looks great and totally badass! Rhyous has a truly iconic mask that makes him stand out in an already awesome-looking crowd. All the props, sets, and weapons are eye-catching as well, completing the intended style.

Wastelander reminds me of a few other post-apocalyptic movies. Rhyous is very reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s character from Mad Max (1979). The main plot sometimes veers toward themes similar to those in Logan’s Run (1976) or Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988).


That’s good company to be in…

The tone of the movie is mostly serious, but there are some funny moments along the way to break the tension. Most of the laughs came when I least expected them.

This movie is definitely a fun one to watch. I particularly enjoyed a big scene that involved a gladiator arena. The film’s stunt people did an amazing job with all the action sequences. Wastelander is a welcome addition to the world of post-apocalyptic cinema…

– John Migliore

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