Director: Dain Iskandar Said
Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Nicholas Saputra, Prisia Nasution
Production Company: Apparat
Runtime: 102 minutes

Foreign films can often be a fount of originality. Interchange (2016) is a crime thriller from Malaysia that is brimming with fresh ideas, set in a familiar genre. This intriguing fantasy is from Dain Iskandar Said, who also directed Dukun (2007).

In the movie, Adam (Iedil Putra) is a forensics photographer who helps a detective (Shaheizy Sam) to investigate a baffling series of murders. The situation becomes more complicated when Adam meets Iva (Prisia Nasution), who seems to be mixed up in the case.


The characters speak a mix of English and Malay in the film. The use of more than one language makes the film more accessible for North American audiences, and comes across as extremely natural. I found the shift from one language to another very smooth.

The film is an artistic triumph in many ways. It is beautifully shot and expertly framed. Almost every scene has something visually striking to offer the viewer. Even the opening credits are expressed in a very clever and inventive way.

It should come as no surprise that Interchange won Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor at the Malaysian Film Festival. The story is an engaging mystery that is delivered in a highly artistic fashion.


There were moments that briefly reminded me of Rear Window (1954). The similarities were mainly on the surface, as the film goes off in an entirely different direction. Still, I consider those scenes a nod to Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense.

This is the kind of film that could eventually get an American remake. I can see it possibly going the route of The Ring (2002), The Grudge (2004), or Dark Water (2005), which are all adaptations of foreign films. Might as well see it now and beat the rush…

Convincing and detailed computer graphics, and crime scenes that are reminiscent of Hannibal (2013-2015), top off an already great movie. Interchange your typical viewing fare for something completely different. You’ll be glad that you did…

– John Migliore

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