Director: Marwan Mokbel
Cast: Tara Shayne, Marty Dew, Kristen Hagen
Production Company: Egywood Productions
Runtime: 90 minutes

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Sometimes there’s just no way out of a bad situation. Add a supernatural twist and things start to get really ugly. Ouija Summoning (2015) sheds a new light on the concept of a catch-22 situation.

In the movie, Sara becomes haunted by an evil spirit after her friends misuse a Ouija board. The ghost begins to name people that Sara must kill. When she refuses to do it, the spirit kills the person instead. It then goes on to name another victim…


The cast includes Tara Shayne from Don’t Look in the Cellar (2008), Kristen Hagen from Recovery (2016) and Thomas Garner from Dracula’s Guest (2008). Hagen and Garner both give very dramatic and noteworthy performances in this movie.

Before the opening credits even roll, there’s an intense and frightening scene that sets the pace for the rest of the film. The movie has a lot of spooky moments, and there typically isn’t a long wait between each of them. It certainly kept my interest…

The music by Matias Piegari has a lot to do with the movie’s creepy atmosphere. It really adds another level to the film. Piegari has mostly worked as a composer on short films to date. I hope his music will grace more horror films in the future.


This film is known by a few alternate titles. The original title was You Will Kill, which is appropriate. In the UK it’s called Ouija: The Devil’s Game, and in Germany it’s Das Ouija Experiment 4. This film has been associated with The Ouija Experiment (2013), but it’s actually a stand-alone movie.

There are some aspects of the movie that reminded me a little of The Ring (2002). Both films place a woman in the position of protecting her loved ones from an evil spirit. In each case, the woman holds partial responsibility for unleashing the curse.

I found the lighting in the film to be very effective too. Many scenes are dark and moody, but you can always tell what’s going on. I enjoyed the film’s dream sequences as well. Ouija Summoning is a very entertaining horror film that you won’t want to miss…

– John Migliore

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