Director: Billy Lewis
Cast: Cari Moskow, Reid Doyle, Donny Boaz
Production Company: Orange St Films
Runtime: 84 minutes

It’s hard to think of anything worse than the loss of a child. The loss of two children at the same time would be nothing short of catastrophic. Director Billy Lewis explores the unthinkable and includes a supernatural twist in The Terrible Two (2018).

In the movie, Albert and Rose must deal with the tragic circumstances surrounding the passing of their young daughters. Sinister events begin to take place in their house exactly one year later. Rose starts to act strangely, and their own home seems to be hiding dark secrets.


Reid Doyle is excellent as the confused and beleaguered husband who struggles to keep a level head. Cari Moskow from Butchered (2010) gives an emotional performance as the traumatized mother. Her mental decline is the main focus of the film.

Some of the supernatural activity in this film may remind you of similar events from The Changeling (1980) and The Shining (1980). There are quite a few creepy moments that build in intensity over the course of the film. The last half hour is the most powerful.

How the girls met with their demise remains a mystery for some time in the movie. This unexplained happening adds a lot of tension to the story, and will definitely hold your attention. That’s not the only mystery in this movie, but it is the most important one.


The story is further complicated by some intentionally ambiguous supporting characters. Donny Boaz from Silent Retreat (2016) plays a realtor who could be friend or foe. Tracy McMullan plays Nebula, and enigmatic character whose motives are obscure at best.

The official website has some additional material that’s worth checking out. You’ll find a collection of videos there that give insight into Albert’s ongoing plight. These scenes are not included in the movie, and are an excellent primer for the film itself.

I can’t help but wonder who is being referred to in the title of the film. Is it the children, their parents, or even two other characters? The movie left me with a lot to think about. The Terrible Two will leave you guessing for some time to come…

– John Migliore

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