Director: J. Horton
Cast: Rachel Amanda Bryant, Brit Sheridan, Scott Menville
Production Company: Gas Money Pictures
Runtime: 85 minutes

There are many films that focus on people who relive the same situation a number of times, but what would happen if the circumstances also changed with every reboot? J. Horton’s The Campus (2018) answers that question, and does for indie horror what Groundhog’s Day (1993) did for comedy.

In the movie, Morgan (Rachel Amanda Bryanta) finds herself trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of horrifying events after the death of her father. What could her father have done to leave her cursed to such an existence? She must discover the truth before it’s too late…


Rachel Amanda Bryanta is great in the role of Morgan. She’s a powerful character right from the start, despite her mentally abusive relationship with her father. I really enjoyed how tough and resourceful she was in each situation.

The movie features a number of alumni from other independent horror films, including Aaron Groben from Attack of the Killer Donuts (2016), Kevin Caliber from Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels (2016), and Scott Butler from Holy Terror (2017).

This film has some similarities to The Awakening (1980) and Manhattan Baby (1982). All of these movies include a daughter who becomes cursed thanks to the sins of the father. Horton takes this basic concept and runs with it in a new direction.


The events of the story reset each time the main character is killed. In this way, the movie is similar to a video game, since Morgan has multiple opportunities to change her fate. However, unlike Edge of Tomorrow (2014), things unfold differently every time…

Thanks to these varying cycles, we are exposed to more than one kind of horror genre within the same movie. We get body horror, masked killers, zombies, evil dolls, and a lot more! As a horror fan, I was able to enjoy each of these segments for different reasons.

Robert Bravo did the special effects makeup on the film, and his work is truly outstanding. His effects range from simple cuts and bruises to severed limbs and a hanging eyeball! He also did special effects for Monster in the Woods (2012) and Hitchhiker Massacre (2017).

The Campus is going to get you, over and over again…

– John Migliore

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