Director: Joey Martin
Cast: Amber Dawn Fox, Ryan Daniel Thompson, Charles Ezekiel
Production Company: That Endless Horizon Productions
Runtime: 63 minutes

Paranormal investigators don’t exactly grow on trees. They have to start somewhere, and that means a lack of experience might just lead to trouble. The Haunting of Four Points (2017) gives us a comedic look into the downfalls of supernatural exploration.

In the movie, Evie (Amber Dawn Fox) dreams of abandoning her job as an assistant at an advertising agency for the exciting life of a paranormal investigator. She teams with her brother and his friends to investigate the strange case of the Finch Massacre.

This film is the second instalment in The Four Points Anthology by Joey Martin. The first chapter in the series is Levon (2015), where a man named Ben discusses his hopes and dreams with a wounded alien being. There are a number of connections between these two films…


Ben’s unfinished vampire script from Levon has now become a movie in this episode. Evie also briefly appears in the first instalment of the series. There are quite a few other links between the two films, but it’s probably best if you encounter those on your own.

The cast includes Tom Gore from Fantasma (2017), Ryan Daniel Thompson from Witching Hour II (2016), and Nicole Graziano from 60 Seconds to Die (2017). Amber Dawn Fox from season five of The Walking Dead is endearing as the quirky lead character.

The movie stresses comedy over horror, but there’s room for some drama too. Ryan Daniel Thompson is often amusing in the role of Lucas, but he can also be sensitive. Even when things start to get scary, the score won’t let you take the situation too seriously.


Music certainly played an important part in Levon, and the same is true for this film. Kenny Shore’s Remarkable Woman (Evie’s Theme), This Song I Wrote For You, and Sheets of White Satin were both appropriate and whimsical at the same time.

The first movie in The Four Points Anthology is much more dramatic, while this film is essentially a comedy. I can’t help but wonder if the following instalments will be from different genres as well. It would be interesting to see a chapter that is an action film, or a full-blown horror movie.

Despite the genre, these films are about following your dreams. It’s clear that Joey Martin is heeding that call. He’s clearly having a great time with this series, and the thanks he bestows in the end credits show his sincerity. The Haunting of Four Points is a genuine winner…

– John Migliore

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