Director: Joey Martin
Cast: Stephen Howard, Michael Burke, Taylor Parrish
Production Company: That Endless Horizon Productions
Runtime: 44 minutes

Sometime we make comfortable decisions in life, but playing it safe can leave us feeling stuck in the mud. Levon (2015) explores this concept through a science fiction lens…

In the movie, Ben (Stephen Howard) feels trapped in a boring and unfulfilled life. Things change when a mysterious creature named Devon takes refuge in his basement.

The film is mostly in black and white, but there are selected scenes in full colour. In this way, the bleak realities of working an office job are contrasted to life’s more meaningful moments.


The movie’s soundtrack is wonderful. It’s made up of a lot of great songs including Run Like the Water by Kenny Shore and Stephanie Nusbaum and Midnight Prayer by The Twang Doctors.

The discussion between Ben and Devon is very poignant and strangely sweet. Ben was a character you could identify with before this scene, but he’s even more likable afterwards.

It’s wonderful when science fiction can be used in such a human narrative. Clearly, Ben’s story is a very personal one for the film’s director, and that helps to make it seem more real.

This short is a predecessor to the feature film The Haunting Of Four Points (2017). A book entitled The Hauntings of Four Points can even be seen on Ben’s desk.


Amber Dawn Fox who played Officer Bello on The Walking Dead has a small role in this film. She’s also back for the feature-length sequel.

In the end we’re left with many unanswered questions about Devon. Hopefully, some of them will be answered in the sequel. Levon is very satisfying, but I still want more…

– John Migliore

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