Director: Eric Pham
Cast: Elle LaMont, Johnny Walter, Dalton Gray
Production Company: Phame Factory
Runtime: 94 minutes

Sins of the past often go unforgiven. Some sins even call for retribution. Flay (2017) successfully expands on an urban legend while also incorporating the plight of indigenous people. The combination of these two elements makes for some compelling storytelling.

In the movie, Moon (Elle LaMont) returns to her family home after her mother’s untimely death. Her brother River (Dalton Gray) and his friends soon fall prey to a supernatural force. Moon must defend them and herself from this faceless spirit of vengeance.


The awesome cast includes Elle LaMont from Dead Still (2014), Johnny Walter from Butcher Boys (2012), Dalton Gray from Scream Queens (2015), A. Michael Baldwin from Phantasm (1979) and it’s sequels, Kaylee King from Hell of a Night (2017) and Violett Beane from The Flash (2015-17).

The supernatural killer in the film is very much like the creepypasta character Slender Man, but he also has a strong tie to indigenous people. He is described as the vengeful spirit of a powerful medicine man who’s face was flayed by settlers.

The character of Flay has an interesting mythology built around him. We learn of his origin in the very first scene of the movie, but his mysterious methods also involve cursed objects and various liquids. A captivating legend is always a good foundation for a horror movie.


The link between Moon and River is an important part of the film. They have a strained relationship, but it is also clear that they care for each other. Their need to work through problems moves many of the events in the film forward.

The flashbacks and dark visions in the movie are both ominous and captivating. These brief moments of torment are among the best in the film. We eventually get a more substantial view into this dream-like world before the end of the movie.

Director Eric Pham certainly has a lot of experience, since he previously worked on special effects for Red Planet (2000), Sin City (2005), and Grindhouse (2007). I’d certainly be interested in seeing him direct a sequel to this film. Watch right to the end of the credits for all the juicy details…

– John Migliore

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