Director: David Briggs
Cast: Joe Dubois, Trisha Larocque, Nakita Portelance
Production Company: Distant Field Productions
Runtime: 16 minutes

Want to see something really scary? Then you should check out 3:12 (2018) by director David Briggs. Just remember, you asked for it…

In the movie, three young women search for something truly scary to watch on the web. A particularly morbid video catches their attention. After watching, they all die precisely at 3:12…

The women soon become the stuff of urban legend. Other people go on to watch the same video, but will they meet with the same fate?


Some obvious comparisons can be made to The Ring (2005) and its sequels, but there’s something a little more immediate about the situation in this short film.

The characters in the movie have no time to figure out what’s going on. They also don’t have any clues, which may or may not have helped them anyway.

A character does mention The Ring at one point in the film. Clearly, Briggs is a fan of the series, and wanted to have a go at a similar theme.

The film also touches on other ways that online videos can be harmful. One of the girls recalls a video she shared with a boyfriend that was seen by more people than she intended.


The soundtrack plays a big part in the production. The film features music by Ostin Drais, Brick Fields, Jamie Bathgate, Maxime Herve and many others.

Briggs knows how to touch on the familiar while also bringing us something spicy and new. It’s 3:12, do you know where your children are?

– John Migliore

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