Director: Derek Cole, Shane Cole and others
Cast: Tony Simmons, Lora Martinez-Cunningham, Gabriel Sigal
Production Company: CRC Digital Entertainment
Runtime: 102 minutes

Sometimes, it’s nice to have your daily intake of horror separated into small doses. Visions of Horror (2007) serves up terror and mayhem, but in zombie bite-sized portions…

Tiffany Shepis from Tromeo and Juliet (1996), Dorm of the Dead (2006), and Tales of Halloween (2015) hosts the video, with segments between each short film. She only comments on each of them, with no story attached to her scenes.


My Skin shows us that Death may actually feel cheated by murder, and could endeavour to set things right. Tony Simmons is both spooky and disturbing in the role of Death. All of his movements are executed in a very deliberate way, making him appear all the more creepy.

Slumber involves a reporter’s sleep being interrupted by dreams of a dead man. This segment is more mysterious than some of the others in the film. You may have to ponder a little over this one, which is always good. The crime scene in this tale is exceptionally bloody!

Whatever Happened to the Zombie Killers is the most comedic short in Visions of Terror. A zombie enters a bar and enjoys a little dancing before some pesky humans show up to ruin the fun. There’s plenty of blood and gore in this segment, even though it’s mostly light-hearted in nature.


Callous Sentiment is the story of a young man who sees violent events every time he stops by a private playground. The visions he experiences are often brutal and disturbing. This short speaks to the idea of violent conditioning and its effect on unsuspecting youth.

Trick or Treat features an angry child who wants candy, despite the fact that Halloween is over. There are a few surprises in this segment that make it fun to watch. The child wears an iconic skeleton outfit that is both menacing and macabre at the same time.

Hooligan’s Valley is a town chock-full of odd characters and bizarre creatures. In this segment, Itchy and Lobo must save Kitty from the evil Primo. The story unfolds like an old film noir movie, but one gleefully brimming with clowns, wrestlers, zombies, pirates, and alligator people.


Scream for Me is the tale of a brutal killer who has the tables turned on him. This short film is easily the most sexually perverse of all the stories featured in this video. Simmons from My Skin returns as a frightening predator out for revenge.

The sheer variety of material is enough to make Visions of Horror worthy of a screening. There’s always something new around each dark corner…

– John Migliore

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