Director: Kieran Parker
Cast: Bryan Larkin, Iván Kamarás, Velibor Topic
Production Company: Black Camel Pictures
Runtime: 87 minutes

I can never finish those elaborate video games based on real wars that are now enhanced with zombies. I really like them, but I just can’t complete them! Thankfully, movies like Kieran Parker’s Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz (2013) can give me a similar experience, without gamer’s elbow.

In the movie, a squad of Russian soldiers investigate rumours of a hidden German base during World War II. They’re ambushed by Nazis, and the survivors are brought to a secret bunker. Once there, they quickly discover that monsters are being created in the name of war.

There are two other films in this series: Outpost (2008) and Outpost: Black Sun (2012). You don’t necessarily have to see the other films to understand this one. It stands alone pretty well. Technically, this film is a prequel to the first Outpost, so you may want to see it first anyway.


The undead soldiers are often used in interesting ways. I thought it was clever that they would take on the role of bloodhounds for their masters. Basically, these zombie-like creatures are exploited by the military as weapons throughout the movie.

One of the characters in the film is an American named Rogers. Is it possible that this is a tip of the hat to Captain America? He seems to know a lot about the super-soldier program and has the right look. It may simply be a coincidence, but it seemed worthy of note.

The makeup and visual effects by Paul Boyce and Ken Turner are exceptionally well done. The movie is loaded with action and squirting blood. The slashed throats seen in the film are particularly realistic, and gruesome in nature.


The locations and sets used in the film are also outstanding. The underground bunker looks fantastic, and was staged in Stepps, Scotland. All of the military vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and other props are very authentic looking.

This movie has the pacing and presence of a great video game. The characters are trapped in a secret base, surrounded by undead adversaries, and they’re always upgrading to better weapons. It’s a little like zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War.

The film’s end credits are enhanced by some awesome comic book style graphics by Alex Ronald. The overall look of the movie is one of high quality. Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz is fast-paced and certainly does have a video game appeal.

– John Migliore

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