Director: Bryan Coyne
Cast: Brea Grant, Graham Skipper, Alycia Lourim, Heather Vaughn
Production Company: Coin-Op Flix
Runtime: 85 minutes

Is it possible that some people are really born bad? Do circumstances of birth form the individual, or is it their upbringing that makes the difference? Bryan Coyne’s Bad Apples (2017) doesn’t really attempt to answer these questions, but it does bring them to mind.

In the movie, a pregnant woman is repeatedly stabbed by a rejected lover on Halloween. She dies, but somehow her unborn twins survive the horrific ordeal. They grow to become troubled teenagers, who finally snap on another All Hallows’ Eve…


The twins put on masks almost immediately, rarely allowing even a glimpse at their faces. They are a mystery from the very beginning of the movie. The masks are astonishingly creepy, and would not be out of place in The Purge (2013). They are a clear signal of the violence to come.

The town where the events of the film take place is filled with odd and unsavoury characters. The fact that it’s Halloween just adds to the weirdness, since some of the characters show up in costume. You may even wonder if they deserve their grim fate.

There are definitely some inventive kills in this movie that I haven’t seen before. The gore effects are exceptionally well done and very convincing as well. The special effects coordinator was Josh Russell, who also worked on Would You Rather (2012) and The Control Group (2014).


Some elements of the film reminded me of John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978). Both films have home invasions that mostly take place in one neighbourhood. The two movies also have children who return as masked killers on a very specific autumn date.

Even though there are a few similarities to a particular classic, Bad Apples is still a very original and different Halloween movie. Much of what makes it stand out comes as a surprise, so I won’t be talking about it here. Let’s just say this film has some interesting twists.

This movie would definitely add a little spice to your seasonal viewing. It’s a familiar treat with a few new tricks up its sleeve. Consider taking a big bite out of Bad Apples

– John Migliore

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