Director: Ron Carlson
Cast: Sophie Monk, Anya Lahiri, Scout Taylor-Compton
Production Company: August Heart Entertainment
Runtime: 85 minutes

Small towns have the worst luck when it comes to horror movies. The town of Pearblossom is no exception to this unwritten cinematic rule. In fact, its name is even used as an alternate title for Ron Carlson’s Life Blood (2009).

In the movie, a lesbian couple meet up with the creator of the universe while on the run. They are left dormant for forty years, before awakening to a new life. But are they angels of vengeance, or simply a new kind of vampire? Their victims will never know…


The film’s opening scene is set in 1969, on New Year’s Eve. We get a small taste of what life was like for the beautiful people, including fashions and popular music. Walk Don’t Run by the Ventures and Mellow Yellow by Donovan are welcome additions to the soundtrack.

There are quite of few actors in this film who have appeared in other horror movies. The cast includes Scout Taylor-Compton from Halloween (2007), Anya Lahiri from The Scar Crow (2009), Patrick Renna from Dark Ride (2006), and Charles Napier from The Silence of the Lambs (1991).

There are moments in this movie that reminded me of the modern vampires from Near Dark (1987). The focus on the town’s odd reaction to the crisis can also be compared to similar events in Fargo (1996). All three of these films deal with violent events in an odd or quirky manner.


There were some humorous moments in the movie, but the most unexpected one came in the form of a television program. Sheriff Tillman enjoys watching a show called Chics Chasing Chickens instead of doing his job. This helps to establish a redneck vibe for the character.

Another interesting thing about the film was a reversal of what we traditionally see in horror movies. Normally, people are trapped indoors while creatures roam around outside, like in Night of the Living Dead (1968) or Kingdom of the Spiders (1977). Here, it’s the monsters who are stuck inside.

This is a weird movie that follows some conventions, while intentionally breaking with others. Sophie Monk plays Brooke Anchel (or is it Broke Angel?), and is the most developed character in the film. Make a New Year’s resolution to see Life Blood

– John Migliore

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