Director: Sam Qualiana
Cast: Sam Qualiana, Michael O’Hear, Jackey Hall
Production Company: Metroshia Productions
Runtime: 79 minutes

Movies about killer sharks have been popular for decades. Many of them have been serious in tone, but lately the trend has been to not take sharks too seriously. The’ve been placed in a number of outrageous situations, as can be seen in Sand Sharks (2012), Avalanche Sharks (2014), and Sharknado (2013).

However, one little independent film predates all of these toothy movies. Sam Qualiana’s Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast (2011) had the right idea long before anyone else. In fact, he originally developed this concept for a short film he made back in 2004.


In the movie, animal biologists and angry hunters enter the woods to seek out a legendary creature that may be eating some of the town locals. Mike Evans (played by the film’s director, Sam Qualiana) even claims to have already killed the creature, or at least one of its relatives.

There are plenty of shark attacks to keep you entertained, and practical effects are used for most of the blood and mayhem. The film also did a very good job of developing a small town vibe, and filling that town with a lot of interesting characters.

Some of the acting in the film is delightfully over the top. I especially enjoyed Robert Bozek as Mayor Shawn Overman and Michael O’Hear as Professor Jonathan Hoffman. It was also great to see Jason John Beebe from Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014), and Brenda Rickert from Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 (2013).


There are also some dramatic moments I didn’t expect to see in this movie. Even though the film has a silly premise, it takes the death of each character very seriously. I really liked that the movie was able to balance some of the absurdity with a little melodrama.

Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast reminded me of some of my favourite animal attack movies. It has thematic elements that were reminiscent of Grizzly (1976), Day of the Animals (1977), and of course, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws (1975).

Independent Entertainment loaded the DVD with some amazing extras. There’s a commentary track with cast and crew, and a collection of shorts that include the original Snow Shark. Funny outtakes, behind the scenes clips, and the film’s trailer round out the disc.


The film even has a catchy theme song in Michael Paul Girard’s She’s Gonna Eat You Alive. Now, if all that isn’t enough to make you want to see this movie, add that it’s set during the Christmas season, and includes a scene with a guy dressed as Santa that you should see!

– John Migliore

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