Behind the Scenes on Room 21.

Indie Horror Online had the pleasure to speak with Jacob Perrett from Fame Entertainment about his films and his many influences…

Q: How did you become interested in horror movies and filmmaking?

A: I think I was around 10 years old or so, I wasn’t quite at the age where my parents were okay with leaving me at home by myself, so often times I would go to work with either my Mom or my Dad. My Dad worked at a sign supply shop, so as you can imagine it wasn’t the most thrilling thing for a 10 year old. My Dad eventually let me use one of the computers that was there, and he introduced me to YouTube. It was a pivotal moment in my life, seeing all these low budget, no budget creators making content on their own. I knew I wanted to do the same. As far as horror goes, I remember laying in bed at night when I was real little, and hearing the horror movies my Dad would watch downstairs. He had this box set of all the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and when neither him or my Mom were around, I’d pull out each individual case and look at them. I was extremely intrigued by the artwork on all of the covers. I wasn’t allowed to watch stuff like that though, so one day when my parents were out shopping I watched the first A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was the coolest shit I had ever seen, and I was hooked on horror from there.

Q: Tell us a little about Fame Cinema and what it represents for you…

A: Fame Cinema is basically my group of friends and I who come together to create these films. The title “Fame Cinema” often gets misinterpreted. When I was growing up, there was a Hinder song that I listened to all the time. It was pretty much about this kid who drops everything and pursues what he wants the most, which is fame. In my case, it was film or cinema. Fame Cinema just means the relentless pursuit of what you want the most.


Cast and crew from The Initiation.

Q: You have a lot of content on your YouTube channel Jacob Speaks…

A: I started Jacob Speaks when I was in like 9th grade. It was originally just meant to be platform or “positivity” and comedy sketch-like content. I had fun with it until my senior year. That’s when I started to drift away from the comedy sketch or vlogger style videos, and transition into making short and full length films. I also have a YouTube channel called “Something Sinister” where I post videos about horror related topics.

Q: Your latest horror short is Night of the Sitter

A: Night of the Sitter almost never happened. Prior to the project we were working on a short that sort of paid homage to the “satanic panic” genre that was prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s. We scrapped it however, thinking we were trying to take ourselves too seriously with the content. Night of the Sitter was what came after. It’s kind of remarkable how quickly it got done. It was actually an assignment for my 4D Design class at college. We shot it in a total of 2 days and it was edited in less than a week to meet the deadline. Production was a bit stressful, mostly because I had to shoot 15+ pages within a span of 8 hours, but my cast and crew were so helpful and supportive, they made it much easier. The idea for the film came from a love for the Stranger Things and 90s Goosebumps television shows. We pretty much wanted to make an adult Goosebumps episode with a “retro” feel.


Some of the cast and crew from The Black Ribbon.

Q: You seem to like using the same acting troupe in most of your films…

A: I’ve been working with actor/producer Taylor Rhoades ever since our short Two Good Things. We’re the best of friends, and both avid lovers of the horror genre. He’s a phenomenal actor, and is able to play many diverse rolls. He’s played a cannibal, a porn star, a jock/babysitter, a cult leader, etc. While not on the screen most of the time, it’s fitting to mention that Taylor’s wife, Danielle Rhoades, has been a huge help to me behind the scenes. She started working with us after graduating from college, The Black Ribbon was her first project. Matt Nale recently played Cade in Night of the Sitter. He began working with us during Room 21. He was 14 at the time, and was interested in filmmaking, so I sort of took him under my wing. He’s now a permanent member of Fame Cinema. Along with recurring crew members are Christian Styborski and Mackenzie Anthony, both starting on Two Good Things. They’ve worked with me for so long that when we’re on set, I hardly have to ask them to do anything, they just know.

Q: Share some info about the making of Incubus

A: Incubus was sort of a joke at first. Taylor and I were just talking one day about this idea that I got at work about this vampire, who just so happens to be a porn star. From there it sort of expanded into what is now Incubus. We both love 80’s films so we took a lot of inspiration from The Lost Boys and Fright Night. It was so much fun to film, especially the A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 inspired dance scene. There was about 5 hours worth of behind the scenes footage from this project, mostly of the cast and crew dancing to 80’s music. This is also the only Fame Cinema film where I make an onscreen cameo.


Some of the cast and crew from Incubus.

Q: You’re a young man, but you seem heavily influenced by 80s horror. How did that happen…

A: I guess my dad technically introduced me (unintentionally) to 80’s horror through A Nightmare on Elm Street, but it was sort of just something that I stumbled upon as a whole. The 70’s and 80’s were such a great time for horror, and probably my favorite. So much creativity, originality and lack of censorship, it was awesome.

Q: The Black Ribbon is another one of your films…

A: The Black Ribbon is sort of an interesting story. During the filming of one of our shorts, For Her, I got really bad Lyme Disease from shooting in the field where you see the main character at throughout the movie. I was really sick for months. When I started to get better, I went straight to writing again. It was a really weird time for me, I feel like I emerged out of this fever dream type sickness for the first time in a long time, and I was experiencing everything as myself again (that sounds super dramatic, but it’s true!). The Black Ribbon is the result I guess, definitely not one of my favourites. I think we were taking ourselves too seriously, or trying to be dark but not quite getting there. I don’t regret my decision to do the film, I like to think of it as my step back into filmmaking after being sick for so long.


Filming Room 21 with Taylor, Mackenzie and Christian.

Q: You’ve got enough short films to make your own horror anthology. Have you considered that?

A: I’m so happy you asked this question! This is the first time I’m announcing this. So we have Incubus and Night of the Sitter, both very “campy,” 80’s inspired films. I approached Taylor about making one more to create a trilogy of 80’s throwback shorts. He loved the idea, and suggested that we take all three films and put them into a big anthology film. I was like, “hell yeah.” We don’t have a title for it yet, but my idea is to make almost a Tales from the Crypt-esque film where I introduce the films, sort of like the Crypt Keeper or the guy in the beginning of the 1931 Frankenstein film. It’ll be like playing a VHS, but it’s a weird tape, filled with these three throwback films, and mock trailers or advertisements in between. This is also the first time I’m speaking of this, but the third film to the trilogy will be called Cop Without a Badge, and will feature a dirt cop who gets fired and decides to continue taking justice into his own hands. It’s gonna be our first slasher film, and the conclusion to our 80’s throwback series.

Q: Dream project?

A: Taylor and I always joke about doing a remake of A Clockwork Orange because it’s one of my favourite movies, but it’s a masterpiece already and I’d never want to ruin that. I suppose my dream would be to work at A24, they’re a studio that really never makes a bad movie. I’d like to maybe follow in the footsteps of director Ti West and make something similar to The House of the Devil. Who knows what this 80’s anthology film will lead to, I guess time will tell.

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