Director: Paul Catalanotto
Cast: Jenn Foreman, Jordan Salloum, Megan Few
Production Company: High Octane Pictures
Runtime: 96 minutes

Does that old music box on your mom’s dresser make you anxious? Do you check under your bed for monsters before getting under the covers? Maybe you need a dose of Sacrilege (2017). This new film is directed by Paul Catalanotto, who also shot Proof of the Devil (2015).

In the movie, Jessica (Jenn Foreman) buys a music box from a yard sale as a gift for her best friend. Unfortunately, the music box is haunted by a demonic entity that torments anyone that hears the box’s enchanting melody. Out of her depth, Jessica must find help…


Jenn Foreman from Seconds Apart (2011), Dark Circles (2013), and 13 Sins (2014) stars as Jessica. Other cast members include Megan Few from Kudzu Zombies (2017), Jordan Salloum from Jeepers Creepers 3 (2017), and Kim Baptiste from Worry Dolls (2016).

The strange events begin almost immediately after the music box is introduced in the story. There are some really eerie moments in this movie that are scary in a classical way. Catalanotto doesn’t resort to jump scares or gore. Instead, he chooses to keep things creepy.

The film also ties into the urban legend about black-eyed children. Carmen Tonry from Night of the Wild (2015) gives a chilling performance as the little demon. She displays ghostly, demonic, and even vampiric tendencies at different points in the film.


The first half of the movie is told in a very traditional way, but the second part adds elements that are most often seen in found footage films. These elements are kept to a minimum, though they do provide a new wrinkle to the plot.

The events of the movie take place almost entirely in the house Jessica shares with her close friends. The atmosphere becomes more claustrophobic the longer they remain there. It’s frightening to watch a typical suburban home become a nightmare.

Admirers of movies like Insidious (2010), Sinister (2012), and The Conjuring (2013) will also enjoy this film. Do you have a craving for something spooky and supernatural? Consider it a sin to miss out on a little Sacrilege

– John Migliore

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