We here at Indie Horror Online had the pleasure of running into Dr. Rigormorto in a dark alley. In exchange for our lives we conducted this interview…

Q: Tell us a little about yourself…

A: Speaking from my humble beginnings as a young Prince of Darkness born into riches beyond your wildest dreams, my story is a simple one, that of deceit, mayhem and sweet corruption. I was born in the year 1666 in London England at 2am in Pudding Lane, when I shot out from my Mother’s body, knocking over a candle and starting the Great Fire of London, destroying 80% of the city. As I grew up with a kryptonite spoon in my mouth, I discovered very early in life that I was destined for greatness. I have fond memories of playing with my pet Zontar, a cute little creature with an appetite for complete and utter CHAOS.

A: I have a sister that I do not want to talk about (because she does not deserve to be breathing the same air or sharing the same page as someone as great and special as I)

A: But what can I say about my remarkable life that has not been summed up in arrest affidavits for the past three centuries? Oh sure, I am under suspicion for the disappearance of cadaver trucks and cemetery desecration… but really who doesn’t have a hobby or two?

A: Truth be told, I am actually a credentialed doctor, a graduate (bottom one-hundred) of the finest medical academy in Romania. The “Institute Diabolicum of Bucharest”, the most respected, alchemically based med school ever destroyed by two world wars and the Ceausescu regime. Hence my Stirling credentials are sadly untraceable.

A: My needs are simple, I want to become one of history’s most infamous super villains. Such a small thing to ask really. And one day mankind will be bent to my will. How sweet.


Q: Describe a day or night in the life of Dr. Rigormorto…

A: As I gaze out over the cliffs of despair, I do wish these torch wielding mobs would find something else to do. Don’t we have a chamber pot lying around? Curse this indoor plumbing!

A: Ohhhh what fresh Hell must I endure daily because of the pesky humans that populate this area. For now I will show good manners and the kind of proper decorum due my aristocratic station. Thankfully I find solace taking long walks or ‘vigorous constitutionals’, in the cemetery while playing my tuba.

A: And I am also most thankful for my “Advanced Robotics Lab”, here I work nightly on my prototype for my cyber-army.

A: Not a moment to be wasted, I also work diligently on my steam generated rocket ship that I will eventually take to Mars, whereas I will become it’s Emperor and rule the Martians with a heavy hand (one made of lead). As I said, my needs are simple.

Q: Tell us about your frequent collaborator Scott McClelland…

A: Who? Oh really? Must we talk about him?

A: He says that he invented me in 1983 while working on Canada’s largest Haunted Attraction at the time ‘The Black Castle’. As his story goes I was created as the keeper of the castle and guide for the patrons that entered it’s horrid walls. Pah! ME? A Guide?

A: Anyhow, by 1986 I had gained some traction in the entertainment industry and could be found at large corporate soirees and sports events in the Calgary region. Strangely, the character became so popular I even opened in Anchorage Alaska for Valdy. (True story) From the late 80’s he morphed the character and played with the idea of making him a TV personality, which brings us now to present day… where he states he invented me. ME! By the beard of Beelzebub how dare he!!!!

Q: What is the Emporium of Terror?

A: The Emporium of Terror is Doctor Rigormorto’s World. The realm in which I play and reek havoc in!


Who was the horror host you watched as a child?

A: Strangely, there were no Horror Hosts on TV in my area, BUT… when it comes to inspiration, I watched religiously The Hilarious House of Frightenstein! I fell in love with all of the characters on that show and was bowled over by the fact that 70% of the characters were played by the versatile comedian Billy Van!

A: I also was a big fan of Sid and Marty Krofft’s H.R. Pufnstuf. And of course enjoyed watching The Munsters and The Addams Family in the 1960’s.

Q: Who or what were your biggest influences in horror?

A: When it came to influences, it was the black and white classics of Horror from 1920 up to the early 60’s. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and of course The Creature from the Black Lagoon all helped shape and mold my mind at an early age.

Q: What are your favourite horror movies?

A: I will let Scott McClelland answer this question…

A: My first REAL horror movie that I was frightened by (and intrigued by) was Trilogy of Terror (1975), and the segment about the Zuni Fetish Doll haunted me for many years. I was and still am a BIG FAN of Godzilla movies… and used to watch Ultraman every morning when I was a kid.

A: I find that I have always been intrigued with the supernatural, and so my fave ghost story is The Changeling (1980) a true classic. The most horrifying movie in the world of film ever created in my opinion is The Exorcist (1973). Brutal, surreal and strangely believable.

A: Currently my favourite movies are by Hammer Horror and starred Vincent Price. House on Haunted Hill (1959), The Tingler (1959), House of Wax (1953)… the list goes on and on.

Q: What are you trying to achieve with the new show?

A: I feel it is time to bring back the Horror sitcom, and I think that I have created the right formula to make that happen. I have a great team of writers headed by the wonderful Richard Kaulbars, that are working day and night on helping me create this sordid world.

A: The world is a rather dark and strange place (and not in a good way) at the moment, and I feel that we need some escapism, and a fun romp in the nostalgic World of Horror Comedy is just the ticket.


Q: What do you hope people will get out of your show?

A: I personally want people to be inspired and start to enjoy using their imaginations again. Simply put, our show is a fun and silly distraction from your worries… that is my primary ghoul… I mean goal.

Q: What’s in store for the future of Dr. Rigormorto?

A: At the moment Doctor Rigormorto is being filmed as a web series… but we are working on bringing it to a major network over the next couple of years… and with that I have plans for some great merchandising, including an interactive board game (which is already made and has been beta tested, and looks like a winner!), Doctor Rigormorto character dolls, a collectable set of vinyl records and a book on the making of this horrifying world.

A: There is no going back. You’ve learned too much! It is now beholden to you this legacy, and to know is to serve the will of Dr. Rigormorto. Even now, as you’re reading this, you can feel your mind submitting to his will. You must do everything in your limited human capacity to surrender your freedom and resources to “Doctor Rigormorto’s Emporium of Terror!” …also, the doctor needs some yard work. So, if you’re free on the weekend…y’know, you let us know your availability and we’ll work around it.

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