Director: Christopher Lawrence Chapman
Cast: Danielle Harris, Jeff Denton, Katie Keene
Production Company: Zorya Films
Runtime: 85 minutes

The literal translation of déjà vu is “already seen”. Inoperable (2017) presents us with the horror of reliving traumatic events over and over again. There are some things so terrible that it would be best not to remember them at all…

In the movie, Amy Barrett (Danielle Harris) wakes up in what appears to be an abandoned hospital. A hurricane rages outside, but sinister forces are also at work within the hospital. Trapped in a time loop, Amy soon realizes that she must escape before the storm passes or never leave again.


Danielle Harris is one of my favourite scream queens. She was just a child when she became the lead actress of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5 (1989). She went on to appear in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007), Hatchet II (2010) and their respective sequels.

Strangely, watching Harris move through empty hospital corridors reminded me a little of Halloween II (1981). It would probably be more appropriate to make comparisons to The Shining (1980), since the characters in that movie are also trapped in a haunted building by severe weather.

This film also explores similar themes to those found in Edge of Tomorrow (2014). In both movies, repeating events help the characters to learn more about their given situation and how to deal with it. Though sometimes, knowing what might happen just isn’t enough…


The film also features great performances by Jeff Denton from The Hitchhiker (2007), Katie Keene from ClownTown (2016), Chris Hahn from Midnight Massacre (2016) and Cher Hubsher from The Amityville Terror (2016).

The credits before and after the movie were also fun to watch. I really liked the way the film’s opening helped to instill a sense of impending doom. On the other hand, the final sequence played much more like a flashy comic book. Both were visually pleasing.

Director Christopher Lawrence Chapman did a wonderful job with this film, which happens to be his first horror movie. If he makes another one, he might find the process vaguely familiar. After all, the literal translation of déjà vu is “already seen”…

– John Migliore

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