Director: Justin Price
Cast: Lisa May, Deanna Grace Congo, Jose Zuniga
Production Company: Pikchure Zero Entertainment
Runtime: 95 minutes

Curses have long been the stuff of ancient magic and folklore. They have been used to hex people and inflict misfortune since the dawn of man. Now entering into this dark world of misery and punishment is a film by Justin Price. The 13th Friday (2017) has arrived…

In the movie, a group of thrill-seekers visit a cursed house and inadvertently release an enraged entity that was killed there on Friday the 13th. The spirit demands that the group makes human sacrifices to avoid supernatural retribution.


The film has an accomplished cast that includes Lisa May from Dark Moon Rising (2016), Khu from Alien Reign of Man (2017), David E. Cazares from Forsaken (2016), and Deanna Grace Congo from Snare (2016).

One of the subplots of the film revolves around a demonic device that is very similar to the puzzle box from Hellraiser (1987). Both act as a gateway to another dimension, or perhaps even to Hell itself. It would be interesting to eventually see other stories about this device.

The film is also thematically similar to Final Destination (2000). In both films, a group of people are cursed to face an unescapable fate by an unseen supernatural force. If you happen to be a fan of Final Destination or its sequels, you’ll probably enjoy this movie too.


There are a lot of creepy moments in the movie. Many of them are due to the charred apparition known as Eve. Reagan Dopp did a wonderful job portraying this terrifying ghost child. She reminded me a little of Samara from The Ring (2002).

The movie premiered on digital and VOD this October from Uncork’d Entertainment. It’s a spooky movie that’s tailor-made for anyone that likes supernatural thrillers. Accept your fate and seek out The 13th Friday before it finds you…

– John Migliore

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