Directors: Tony Jopia, Nika Braun, Yannis Zafeiriou, Alexander Zwart
Cast: Leo Gregory, Andrew McHale, Ruth Galliers
Production Company: Full Motion Entertainment
Runtime: 104 minutes

Some zombie movies choose to avoid explanations about the origin of the pandemic. Others seek to identify a global issue, like the harmful effects of radiation or toxic waste. In Dawning of the Dead (2017), zombies are created by a virus released by terrorists.

In the movie, the scientist responsible for the virus entrusts his findings to an investigative reporter named Katya Nevin (Ruth Galliers). She shares the information with the world, but her real challenge is to survive the undead onslaught.


The movie features a great emsemble cast that could only be improved upon by having a little more racial diversity. I thought all of the characters were well-defined and interesting. It was actually sad to see some of them die or become zombies.

I particularly enjoyed Paul Lavers in the role of the obnoxious news anchor. He portrays an old school misogynist who uses his position in life to manipulate others. Lavers’ performance is delightfully over the top, and I was just waiting for him to get what he deserves.

It was also interesting to see that different directors were used to create various segments. All of the individual parts go together nicely, and don’t seem out of place. I think the decision to go with multiple directors actually helped the movie, making it seem bigger in scope.


The zombies in the film look great and are quite vicious. Many of the numerous blood and gore effects are computer generated images, but the practical effects are the real highlight of the movie. The best ones involve head traumas or cranial explosions!

The title of the film alone is enough to prompt comparisons to Dawn of the Dead (2004). The zombies in both movies are very similar in look and nature. However, Dawning of the Dead is an original work with a lot of real merit.

The film’s original title was Apocalypse, and was changed for North American release. Hopefully, the change is for the best, and will help the movie find its audience. It would be a shame if the movie was dismissed as a generic knockoff. It’s definitely worth seeing…

– John Migliore

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