Director: George Clarke
Cast: Robert Render, Jean-Paul Van der Velde, Alan M. Crawford
Production Company: Yellow Fever Productions
Runtime: 90 minutes

Autumn is filled with colourful leaves, comfortable sweaters, and pumpkin flavoured beverages. That sounds like the perfect backdrop for murder! George Clarke of The Knackery (2009) and The Last Light (2011) has unleashed The Blood Harvest (2016) upon us…

In the movie, rural police investigate a series of murders in which the victims are all drained of blood. A discredited police officer (Robert Render) must team up with his former partner (Jean-Paul Van der Velde) to solve the case. Are the culprits vampires or something far worse?


An intense scene of torture and death opens the movie, letting you know exactly what to expect from the rest of the feature. The victims are all subject to some form of torment before meeting with their untimely end. It was very realistic that the killers actually followed a modus operandi.

I really enjoyed the masks worn by the antagonists in this film. They’re original and memorable. One mask in particular had a real steampunk style to it. The killer’s laboured breathing inside the mask even sounded a lot like escaping steam.

Notable masks have been the norm since The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), but there are other comparisons I could make to that classic film. For example, both movies have more than one killer who operate out of a secluded farmhouse.


Actually, the film is more closely related to Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972) than any other movie. In fact, a character even mentions that movie’s title at one point. Some elements of the movie also reminded me of Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste (1987). That’s good company by my reckoning!

Keep an eye out for some entertaining bloopers during the end credits. The Blood Harvest is a fun flick that likes to play with your expectations. Try to be ready for all the surprises, and don’t forget what I said about keeping an eye out…

– John Migliore

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