Directors: Luke Gietzen and Mark Robins
Cast: Anya Korzun, Danielle Arden, Andrew Jardine
Production Company: Monkeypuzzle Cinema
Runtime: 112 minutes

Antihuman (2017) is a British horror film with elements of science fiction and nuclear paranoia. The film is also known as Post Human: An Event. This is the second feature from Monkeypuzzle Cinema. Their first film was the award-winning ghost story Maps and Stars and Music (2010).

In the movie, Maggie (Anya Korzun) returns to an abandoned mental asylum where her deceased mother was once head nurse. It was also her home. Three women go with her, and soon discover that the horrors of the past are still present in the dark facility.


The movie builds in intensity as the group hikes toward the asylum. A number of cryptic conversations help to set the mood and develop the mystery around Maggie’s terminal diagnosis. Our anticipation of reaching the destination alone creates much of the tension.

Antihuman is a very personal story about the pilgrimage of a single person. On the contrary, it is also an all-embracing tale about the potential horrors of nuclear devastation. One psychedelic sequence was even reminiscent of the stunning images from the finale of 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Things get pretty deep philosophically speaking as the movie goes on. The group meets a man named Walker (Andrew Jardine) who intentionally confuses issues as much as clarifying them. The women are left with many unanswered questions as darkness falls.


All of this leads to Antihuman being a very cerebral experience. You’ll be challenged to think and sometimes to think hard. Even then, answers may be difficult to attain. The works of David Lynch are similar in this regard. Multiple viewings may be in order to grasp the full meaning.

Be sure to add Antihuman to your watch list if you enjoy surreal movies that seek to expand your consciousness. I’ll be thinking about this one for a long while…

– John Migliore

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